Mychal's Life & Death
Film (Documentary):
Saint of 9/11
This film “reminds us that sanctity always
makes its home in humanity” --

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Book (Biography):
The Book of Mychal: The Surprising Life and Heroic Death of Father Mychal Judge, by Michael Daly -- "the most definitive biography of Mychal Judge"
(Thomas Dunne Books, 2008: 388 pages, hardcover)
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Book (Biography):
Father Mychal Judge:
An Authentic American Hero,
by Michael Ford
"a spiritual portrait"
(Paulist Press, 2002: 224 pages, hardcover).
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Wikipedia article:
"Mychal F. Judge" here
In our opinion, a good basic biography.
Article: How did Father Mychal Judge die
Mychal Judge's death:
"Jesus, please end this right now!"
The details of Mychal Judge's last hour and death reflect the great heroism and holiness of his entire life... here
New Film:
Remembering Mychal
On Oct. 11, 2001, the friends of Fr. Judge gathered to commemorate his life. This “Month’s Mind” memorial celebrated the Mychal who was much more than the hero presented by the media. These are stories told by his friends in all the different parts of his astonishing life -- parishioners, people in recovery, politicians, people living with AIDS, firefighters, the homeless, Irish Americans, musicians, and gay activists. Here the complex, real Mychal Judge emerges, the people’s Mychal Judge. (Director: Brendan Fay. Camera: Mark Corcoran. Editior: Mary Manhardt.) 45 minutes. Will soon be available for purchase or screening.  here

Mychal's Prayer: Praying with Fr. Mychal Judge
by Salvatore Sapienza: Tregatti Press:
2011. 110-pages, paper.
This is a must-get book for those seriously interested in the life and spirituality of Mychal Judge. Written by a former monk who worked with him, Mychal's Prayer is a series of prayers and meditations coupled with examples of how Mychal actually lived out those prayers. It points to ways we can also live more fully in the Holy Spirit according to the gifts God has given us. > Order here.

Biography/ Article:
No Greater Love:
Chaplain Mychal Judge, OFM.
A Franciscan biography in
St. Anthony's Messenger -- here
“The happiest man on earth”
Eulogy by Fr. Michael Duffy, OFM
at Mychal's funeral: 9/15/01 -- here
Stories of Mychal’s life, some poignant,
some funny.
See also:
Quotes by & about Mychal Judge
for more stories and examples of his life.
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Last Homily of Fr. Mychal Judge on DVD
delivered on Sept. 10, 2001 to firefighters:
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Children's Picture Book:
He Said Yes:
The Story of Father Mychal Judge
written by Kelly Ann Lynch,
illustrated by M.Scott Oatman
(Paulist Press, 2007).
This hardcover, full color, children's picture book tells the story of Mychal's life. Lynch's family knew him as their pastor for many years.
Proceeds benefit Mychal's Message, serving the poor and homeless.
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Father Mychal Judge:
God's Spirit in Sandals

Anthology of personal stories by some who knew him.
Available online here
Film (Documentary):
Victim 0001 -- here
Focuses on Mychal's life and aftermath of his death. Includes interviews with two parents whose children were miraculously healed of major illnesses after praying to Fr. Mychal. Broadcast across the United Kingdom in 2004, it was viewed by millions and received widespread acclaim. (CTCV film)
Remembering Mychal Judge:
A photographic visit to his old stamping grounds
by Fr. Jack Wintz, ofm -- here
"There were no boundaries to Mychal's love. There was not an ounce of racism, sexism or discrimination in his bones ... We could all learn a lot from Mychal's unconditional and inclusive love—his accepting of others as they are. A real sense of God's overflowing goodness was reflected in the generous love that Mychal showed to others."
Printed interview with Book of Mychal
author Michael Daly here
"A lot of people thought he was as close to Jesus as anyone they’d ever met. And if Jesus laughed a lot, well then yeah, maybe ...
"If you had in your mind an ideal priest, the sort of person who really did bring God to people, and who really did comfort and steady people, and led by example, that was all Mychal.”
Video interview with Book of Mychal
author Michael Daly here
What drove Mychal? "Mychal was unshakably convinced that God didn't scowl, that God smiled."
Pray for those who persecute you
When organizers of Manhattan's St. Patrick's Day parade excluded gay Irish groups from joining, St. Pat's for All began its annual parade in Queens which welcomes everyone. In 2000, Fr. Mychal marched with them in brown habit and sandals --not as a political statement, but in prayerful solidarity. Heckled by screaming protesters waving rosaries, Mychal smiled and blessed them. "He looked at them with compassion and affirmed them along the way," at one point speaking softly with some of them.
(Brendan Fay, St. Pat's for All)
NPR Report:
All in the Divine Plan:
new revelations about Fr. Mychal Judge, including that he talked an armed man into releasing hostages (1974), that he was "transformed" by the Eucharist, and that he had premonitions of his own death...  here
Article, New York magazine:
The Firemen's Friar -- here

"Judge was gregarious, mischievous, a luminous presence...he was everybody's priest."
Article: by Mike Kelly
The Secret of Father Judge -- here
"Father Judge was gay..... he did not turn it into his main agenda. Nor did he hide from it."
Also by Mike Kelly:
Could a Gay Man be a Saint? -- here
"Sometimes God thrusts an individual into prominence at a time of great need. This was true of Fr. Judge...He gave his life in service and emerged as an icon of courage and love. We were given a gift to bring us hope in this dark time."
"only God knows..."
On February 25, 2001, the 40th anniversary of his ordination, Father Mychal wrote to friends, "Today, over and over again, I said 'Thank you, Lord!'...for a grace-filled Franciscan priesthood. And the future? As on ordination day, only God knows, and He will reveal only what I need to know each day. It will be wonderful -- that's the way God is."
Mychal didn't know that just six months later, God would raise him up to the world as a light of faith, hope and love amidst one of the greatest tragedies in history.
by Black 47 (Larry Kirwan)
listen here
In New York City I made my home
I loved the streets, the very stones
Cared for my comrades,
cherished my friends
Loved all beginnings,
had no time for ends

The city streets are full of woe
I saw suffering wherever I'd go
I did my best to console and heal
Treat each human with full dignity

I never saw a reason to hate
someone who thinks different than you
Each one has their anointed place
In the love reflected in God's face

We all have sorrow, our share of trials
We all are sinners in each other's eyes
Love alone can heal the pain
God bestows love in so many ways

I have my failings and I have tried
To look them squarely in the eye
To be there when someone might call
For I know cruel well how hard it is to fall

I love the company of friends
The fire and the music sparkling
in their eyes
But I achieved my heart's desire
When I rode beside the ones
who fight the fires

As I arise on this September morn
The sun is beaming down,
the streets are warm
God's in His heaven and all is well
I will go forth and do His will
+ Father Mychal Judge, friend of God
and friend of all, pray for us.